• Guided Assessment
  • Prioritized Gap Analysis
  • Limited Cybersecurity Roadmap
  • Limited Dashboard Access
  • Awareness Training Access
  • Marketplace Access

Best For:

Any curious organization just wanting to know generally where they stand.


  • Unlimited Guided Assessments
  • Prioritized Gap Analysis
  • Complete Cybersecurity Roadmap
  • Full Reporting
  • Full Dashboard Access
  • Trending Dashboard
  • InfoSec Policy Template
  • Incident Response Plan Template
  • Awareness Training Access
  • Marketplace Access

Best For:

Organizations that have sensitive information and/or regulatory obligations around data or environment protection. For example, healthcare, financial services, and companies with valuable intellectual property.


  • Multiple sub-organizations
  • Oversee Portfolio of Assessments using Unlimited
  • An Unlimited License
  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Trending Dashboard
  • Organizational Controls
  • Marketplace Access
  • Marketplace Vendor Control

Best For:

  • Enterprises with subsidiaries
  • Private Equity
  • VC firms
  • Law firms
  • Insurance Carriers, MGAs, MGUs, & Brokers

Why choose us?

Platform Features

Easy to use for any sized organizations

Guided Assessments

RealCISO walks you through a series of plain English questions. We will ask you about current people, processes, and technologies. Our questions are based on open and recognized cybersecurity standards.


Risk is presented in an easy to understand set of charts, graphs, and prioritized lists.

Gap Analysis

These risks are mapped to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), allowing you to quickly identify the top risks and the associated recommendations to address your security gaps.


An intuitive e-commerce marketplace and buying experience, gaps are matched and can be addressed with solutions and services directly.